The Evil Menace
(Mommy calls it "Moose")

I can't believe they did this to me!  I'm the Queen of the House, and I didn't give them permission!!  Just after they give me my cool outdoor enclosure, Daddy came home with a box of something.  I didn't give it much thought, until later, when I picked up the scent of an intruder in MY house! It was shut in the computer room, so I didn't get to see it for some time, but the humans kept going in and talking to it and kissing it and playing with it.  It was revolting, the way they carried on about the thing.

When I finally saw the thing, I couldn't believe my eyes!  MY Mommy was carrying this huge black and white kitten!  It wasn't a tiny little ball of fluff that I might actually want to carry around and groom--this kitten must have weighed five pounds--and it didn't even have long fur or a half-moustache!  It was a perfectly ordinary short-haired tuxedo cat with yellow eyes.  I showed my disdain by hissing at it.  Repeatedly.  Mommy did not take the hint and return the thing to wherever it came from.  It stayed.

Now the thing runs around my house, never giving me a moment's peace.  It thinks I'll play with it if it asks me enough.  I have to keep hissing and swatting at it.  Mommy says I should go ahead and play with Moose--I mean, the thing--but I'm biding my time on that one.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of what I have to put up with.

My new cross to bear--Moose

The evil menace trying to look adorable

                                                                                                                              Sitting in my chair

Awwww....isn't it cute?


Ready to spring on someone's lap

Look out, humans

It does slow down sometimes

Moose...what kind of a name is Moose?

I don't see what the big fuss is about...

I have to keep a close eye on this thing...

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